In Search for Better Health

A lot of people are very mindful of their health nowadays. We tend to consume nutritious food and regular exercises because we are afraid to gain weight and get sick because of our unhealthy lifestyle. However, our genetic makeup places us at greater risk too. Notably, a diabetic mother can pass her DNA to her kids making them high risk for diabetes and a father who had a form cancer may pass this condition to his offspring as well. But the good thing is, we are not doomed for various kinds of sicknesses even when it has been part of our DNA. With right the right food, correct lifestyle modifications, and scientifically-based nutri-therapy approaches, we can achieve the health that we have always wanted. Learn what to do with ancestry on this link.

Here is one of the most common lifestyles of people these days: “Sugar Consumption!” And how do we deal with it in the healthiest ways?

People tend to be afraid of consuming sugar because excess of it may conditions like diabetes and obesity which will in turn complicate to a lot of illnesses like heart failure and end-stage renal disease. For these reasons, countless individuals opt for a sugar substitute that is believe to be a healthier form of consuming sugar. But did you not know that many sugar alternatives are either unhealthy or does not possess any nutrient value at all? In particular, Erythritol, as sugar alcohol, is becoming common in regular food items may be an alternative sweetener but it can have negative consequences as well. While it does not cause blood glucose to spike up and a good dental health option, the erythritol side effects may also include diarrhea, stomach cramps, and other negative digestive impacts. Plus, it is packed with nothing – zero nutrients, and definitely may cause weight gain. So, next time you would want a sugar substitute for your coffee or any sweet food you love, you have to think again if it is worth it to use erythritol-rich products. Get more info here:

What you should do then? Well, we may all have to consume sugar in limited amounts. But instead of having erythritol as sugar substitute, we can use healthier alternatives such as stevia, natural honey, monk fruit.

Nutrient Therapy with DNA Assessment for Total Well-being

There is no doubt that nutrient therapy is a potent solution to address diseases. However, we can’t just speculate what nutrients your body needs especially for those inherited conditions. Luckily great health and wellness companies like Curos exists to check your genetics and lifestyle in order to produce a personalized and highly effective Nutri-Therapy approach composing of the recommended diet, lifestyle modification and exercise, and most probably, consumption of the right supplements. Learn more here:

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